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Machinetools Overhauling

General repairs are carried out in the normal range for the following machines:


-lathes with swing over bed 2000 mm

-ram type and table type milling machine with table width 500 mm

-drilling machines with max. driling capacity 80 mm

-surface grinding machines with max. table width 630 mm

-saws 320 mm

-cutting machines and benders with max. thickness 6,3 mm

-other machinetools after inspection by our technicans



 We offer purchase of machine by replacement of used machine per machine after general repair if our current stock and production capacity allows this way. So the customer can not stop production and can produce on your old machine to the point when our staff will come and install the same type of machine after overhaul. Of course We'll take your old machine back :)


 We provide guarantee min. 12 months. Upon agreement with the customer may be required to serve a longer time. An integral part of the delivery protocol is accurancy test report and completed electrical documentation.


 We also perform repairs or middle size repairs of machinetools in term and scope according with previous agreement.



Machinetools modernizations and rebulding

SUA 125P with Heidenhain Manualplus 4110
Manual SUA 125P before modernization to CNC
Lathe Rafamet UCB 125 withSinumerik 840D (2ch)

Since year 2001, we have provided the complete modernization and retrofiting of machinetool and control systems. The base of modernization is old used machinetool with or without control system. Many times, the final product has a same or better charektiristics than new machine.


 Selection of the control system is dependent on the customer's wishes and habits. Choice of system depends on the current trends in the market, the customer can select the Sinumerik control system, Heidenhain, Fanuc or Mitsubishi. Our company has our own staff in pushing are regularly trained by manufacturers mentioned control systems.


 The equipment is under warranty min. 12 months. Upon agreement with the customer may be required to serve a longer time. An integral part of the delivery protocol is precision inspection report and completed electrical documentation.


Which machines are suitable for modernization or retroffiting


 Which type of machinetool is resonable to put into modernization? Theoretically We can upgrade every machine. But the resonable investment is modernization of mainly heavy, large or special machinetools. In this category, it really pays off. For new machines, you pay for mass machine. In case of modernization or retrofitting you paid only the price of reconstruction work and new components.

 So retroffiting is definitely cost-effective solution. In addition, thanks to the mature cast iron, these old machines have greater rigidity than new machines :


 Retrofitting or modernizations of following types is really cost-effective solution :



-lathes with swing over bed up to 800 mm a více

-wheel train lathes - for example Rafamet

-horizontal boring and milling machine

-vertical lathes

-bed type and ram type milling machine



Digital read-out system instalation


In this days. the systems of digital read out are a standard feature of modern conventional machine tools and a very fundamental element of the modernization of older machines. Determine the position of the tool in each axis can achieve accuracy to 1 micron. This working accuracy is not affected by wear or clearance of feeding screws and nuts of old machines because the measuring system reliably eliminates such errors. The Digitial read out systems not used for it´s basis funstion such as displaying position. They are equipt witd data memory and computing functions that makes operatio much easier and convenient operation of the machine especially when reading the dimensions from the drawing. Choosing the type of digital measurement is depend on customer´s wish and needs. Preferably, however, recommend Newall, Jenix or Heidenhain. With these types we have rich experience.

Do you need similar modernization?

Do you want to work out  a quote or need to consult the possibility of repairs or modernization. Do not hasitate to contact our representative.

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Vertical lathe modernization with Fanuc

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