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M-MOOS, spol. s.r.o. was founded by four partners  in 1993 . It follows a long tradition of manufacturing machine tools and their repair in city Lipnik.  Staff of the company, who are engaged in the field of engineering, development, design and manufacturing of metal forming machinery, working for over 30 years, are the guarantee the  the quality. Their experiences from former TOS Kurim are a great asset.


Since 1993, We´ve mainly engaged in modernization and overhauls of center lathes, milling machines, drills, flat and center grinders. In year 2000, when a modern technology radicaly started  affect production, we focused on modernization and transformation of convetinal machines to CNC control and automatic production systems


The current form of the company is divided into three divisions:

- Production of grinding machines

- General repair and modernization of machine tools

- Import and service of machine tools


In this days, We are reliable companies operating on our own and European market since 1993. Without any exaggeration, we can say that we are among the leading companies in the field of modernization and repair of metalworking machines in the Czech Republic, which is constantly expanding its activities to other countries. The company currently has nearly 70 employees.

Vision and goals

For us, the Engineering is not only as a job but also a mission which our products affect the life quality of our customers and the resultant products. Therefore we  focuse on quality of workmanship and high technological value of our machines, because every concession negatively affect our customers.

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