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M-MOOS, spol. s.r.o. continues the long tradition of manufacturing machine tools and their repair in Lipnik, which dates from 1896 when Francis Wawerka based its industrial company "Central Moravian - Stredomoravské kovodělné závody" and begins to produce its first precision machine. After nationalization in 1945, this gigantic plant becomes a member of the United machine tools factory, later TOS Lipník and TOS Kurim. M-MOOS, spol. s.r.o. is located in city Lipnik, Čechova street 519. At this address in 1921 own business joint stock company Central Moravian metalworking factories producing various scales, presses and food equipment. This included a foundry castings made of gray cast iron and nonferrous metals. After 1945, the property came into the hands of our govermanent. The state enterprise TOS Kurim repairs are operated lathes and gray iron foundry. Modernization and repair of lathes SU 50 in these areas carried out until 1993, when the company M-MOOS, Ltd. purchased the land and buildings.


Few facts and figures from history

November 1993 - The company foundation

June 1994 - first general repair - SU 50A

1998 - The reconstruction of the administrative building

1998 - Introduction of lathe SV 18 with variable speed

1999 - Construction of a new hall

2000 - contract for exclusive representation of the Dutch company HUVEMA

2001 - The company has a turnover of USD 1.5 miles and grows to 50 employees

2003 - M-MOOS takes traffic Czuba Inc.

2003 - number of employees  gets to 100

2006 - Company introduce CNC lathe SV 18

2006 - The company develops milling machine FV 25 CNC

April 2007 - Founding CZ MOOS TRADING Ltd. - Import of machine tools

2007 - realization of the contract for VVT Vitkovice Inc. - SUA 125 CNC

2007/2008 - modernization 2 DMG machining centers for Barum Continental

February 2008 -subsidiary Uherský Brod moved to Uherský Ostroh

December 2009 - completion of the new hall with an area of ​​819 meters square

May 2010 -subsidiary Uherský Ostroh moved to Dolni Němčí

2011 - realization of supply 2 wheel lathes Rafament for KOS Krnov and ČD Cargo

2013 - supplies 3 machining centers MGU to Bělurska

2013-2014- modernization 5 grinders with its own system for automated production

2015 - Development of own surface grinding machines series BP with X-Solution

2016 - Sale of 4 new series of grinders BP on Czech market

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