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Control system X-Solution

This 3rd generation of our own control system comes from the previous systems developed for the purpose of modernization of grinding machines for automatic production. X-Solution means a lot of new options, which is reflected in the standard equipment of whole system. It is based on a touch screen, intuitive interface and dialog type program making with sophisticated grinding cycles for different workpieces.


+ Intuitive and easy operation

+ Reduction of time delays

+ Faster program creation in few steps

+ Possibility to add a new customer´s cycles

+ Reliable system with on-line diagnostic

+ Sophisticated system management


Standard functions

Dialog type program making

10“ touch screen

2 base grinding cycles for surface

4 base cycles for grooves grinding

3 cycles for grinding of stairs type workpieces

3 grinding cycles for T - shapes

Rough grinding

Fine grinding

Wheel spark-out

Re-grinding function to final exactly dimension

Cycles for grinding wheel dressing

Automatic compensation after dressing

Tabular visualization during grinding

Displaying of speed, feed rate and cutting speed

Tool table with a direct selection and edit

3 operating modes: Jog, Manual, Auto

2 parent modes: operation and adjustment

Time and Date

Alarms and user reports

Technological information

Control system X-Solution with 12" touch display (option)

Optional function

Measuring cycles

Machining time simulation

Robot interface

Maitanacce automatic checking

Implementation in to the job managment

12" tough display

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